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Ambassador Guide-1.png

Ambassador Guide

A 15 page guide explaining the Ambassador Guidelines.

Product Guide FINAL Thumbnail.png

Product Guide

3 pages explaining ReAction's Full Line of products.

Amb Quick Start Guide 220405-1.png

Ambassador Quick Start Guide

This tool is designed for you as an Ambassador to know what to do in your 1st 24hours after joining Feel The ReAction Global™.

Business Overview.png

Business Overview Slide Show PDF

A 23 page overview of ReAction and how to make money.

THE PLAN 2023 221227-1.png

The Detailed Plan

The Detailed Plan is everything you need to answer any questions on how the business works. 

Pack 4.png

Initial Packages

3 pages of ALL the package options.

CBD Type Comparison thumb.png

CBD Type Comparison

A comparison overview of FCE™, FSE, Distillates, and Isolates. 

CBD Wheel png.png

CBD Wheel Graphic

A 1 page graphic explanation of CBD.

Terpene Wheel png.png

Terpene Wheel Graphic

A 1 page graphic explanation of Terpenes.


Cultivation Graphic

A 1 page overview of our proprietary cultivation technique.


Extraction Graphic

A 1 page overview of our proprietary extraction technique.


Endocannabinoid System Graphic

A 1 page graphic explaining the Endocannabinoid System.

Entourage Effect.png

The Entourage Effect Graphic

A 1 page graphic explaining the Entourage Effect.

Body Systems thumbnail.png

Body Systems Graphic

A 1 page graphic explaining the Body Systems.

Comparison Product 230601 FINAL-1 copy.png

Product Comparison

A 1 page document showing the difference between our products and the others.

Piquing Scripts-1.png

Piquing Scripts

The following script is designed to use during your first contact with a prospect. the idea is to simply get them to commit to setting up a time to learn more about your business - so this should be a quick touchpoint.

Presenting Scripts-1.png

Presenting Scripts

The following script takes the information in the initial pique one step futher. This can be used during the first contact if the prospect has time to talk then - or during the follow up meeting you scheduled in the initial pique.

Objections Scripts-1.png

Objections Scripts

The following scenarios will help prepare you for accurately and effectively address common objections and questions from both potential business partners and potential customers.

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